Miami: The North American Paradise

Planning a trip for your next holiday? Book direct flights to Miami, United States and keep the summer spirit high! The first thing that someone will notice in Miami is its bluish-green water and the white sand. Together they make the perfect combination to relax the mind.
This city has a tendency to attract people, and those who have visited the city before, keep coming back for more.

Miami and its Beaches

Miami is known for its beaches. People usually come here to do a little sun bathing, and also relax in the water, as the water is known to be warm throughout the year.

·         South Beach- This beach is world famous and is also known as the surf capital of Miami. It is Miami’s very own hot spot. From surfers trying to master the waves, to models taking to sun bathing, South Beach is a treat. Everything from shopping to partying happens here! Oh yes, it’s wild!

·         Matheson Hammock- It is more of a lagoon then a beach.  If you want to stroll in the evening along the shores, or just want to read a book, then this is the place to be. Its breathtaking view of the Bay, keeps you captivated.

·         Bill baggs cape Florida State park- If you have booked nonstop flights to Miami from London, with your wife or girlfriend, and you are looking for romance, then a visit to this place is a must. This beach is never crowded. So just pack your lunch and have a picnic here with your loved one, and yes don’t miss the sunset!

Most people have this perception that there is nothing except beaches in Miami. Well, that’s wrong!
Like modern metropolises, Miami comprises of many small cities. It is divided into two- The Miami beach, were you can find surfers, models and the partygoers, and the Miami mainland, which is the business hub of the city. Together they have quite a few places that can blow your mind.

·         Coral Castle- This adds to the glamour of the city. This magnificent architecture has always kept tourists captivated.

·         Monkey jungle- Here humans are the ones who are caged, and the monkeys walk freely. As the monkeys swing from trees to trees, it’s the humans who walk through protective pathways. This place boosts of many species of primates.

·         Zoo Miami- If you have booked cheap direct flights to Miami, United States with your wife and children, then a visit to the zoo, will make for a good family time. The kids will love this place. And it’s also one of the first cageless zoos in the country.

·         Vizcaya- This place appears to be out from a fairytale book. It is a European style palace, with lavish interiors and marvelous exteriors. Truly a sight to the eyes!

Miami is a place that people can’t get enough of. So book your cheap direct Miami flights from London, and go wild! 

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