The country’s spotted beauty is dotted with multi-colored jewels

Give your vacation a cool breeze this summer.  Book direct flights to Phuket, Thailand and get washed out in its charm. The country’s magnifice0nt island is the biggest of all its isles. This destination is floating aloof on the Andaman Sea, off the western coastline of Thailand and is only linked by two bridges with the mainland. Known as Thalang and Junk Ceylon, in the earlier times, the islet’s majestic manifestation is still a significant attraction among the tourists. The place’s history is as colorful as its sites are, and it had contributed majorly as a trade route between India and China.

Hang out to:

Two Heroines Monument-

You can also book direct flights to Phuket at the last minute, if you come up with very last hour holiday leave. See the memorial built honoring the two legendary heroines who gathered islanders to keep away the Burmese Invaders in the year 1785. The Two Heroines Monument is located in Amphoe Thalang with the statues of Thao Thep Kasattri and Thao Sri Sunthon looking after the island-city. There is an extremely valiant past regarding their fight for Phuket and victory which you should come here and learn more.

Thalang National Museum-

Book cheap direct flights to Phuket, Thailand to spend less of your reserves but enjoy incessantly at this part of the world. After saluting the brave-heart ladies at the Two Heroines Monument, make you way to the atoll’s vast history. Founded on the 200th anniversary celebration of the war of Thalang, this museum in other words is the model of old Phuket. It puts on displays a huge collection of the artifacts; weapons used in the Thalang war with Myanmar (then Burma) and exhibit the islet’s ancient lifestyle.

The Big Buddha of Phuket-

 The 45 meters tall image of Buddha, sheathed in pure Burmese marble, is located on the zenith of a mountain near Muang Phuket, make The Big Buddha of Phuket.

Hat Patong-

Non-stop direct flights to Phuket, Thailand will take you to the land of unstoppable tour. Talking of the largest island of the country how can we pass over the beaches? Come to the most famous beach of Phuket and gather some beautiful memories of fun activities on sand and water and be a part of its exotic nightlife. Your will find numerous hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, etc that will make you want for extras. Create a lovable moment with your loved ones at Kalim, on the north of Patong Bay, watching the magical sundown on the sea’s horizon.

Hat Karon-

Toddle on the second largest beach of Phuket, almost 20 kilometers away from the metropolis, crowded with tourists across the world. At Hat Karon, resorts, restaurants and tourist stores are at your reach, lined by the road. If the sand no longer interests you, then enjoy a coral stroll on the southern segment of the beach towards Kata and Bu Islands.


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