Get wet in the waves of some colorful moments at Goa

India awaits you with various surprises in its every state. Book direct flights to Goa, India and indulge yourself in its essence. Goa is the smallest of all states in India and ranks fourth in its population chart. Located in the Konkan region of West India, Goa is bordered by the states of Maharashtra in its north and Karnataka to its east and south, while its western coast is formed by the Arabian Sea. It is India’s richest state, wealthy in its large number of tourist locations such as beaches, churches and temples and world heritage architectures.  

Travel corners at Goa:

Anjuna Beach-

Anjuna beach is mainly famous for the 93 years old the very striking Albuquerque Mansion. This abode is surrounded by octagonal towers and a beautiful Mangalore tiled roof adds to its grandeur. Compare and book non-stop flights to Goa and feel the magnificence of this land.

Palolem Beach-

This beach is a natural bay with the pleasant sea crashing the shore.  One of the most panoramic beaches present in the extreme south of Goa, Palolem beach is flanked with impressive rocks and islands off its shores.

Colva Beach-

Located in the south of Goa, Colva Beach is a visitor’s magic land and part of Salcete, only Catholic majority sub-district of Goa. The roaring sea merging with the white sand and the blue sky creates a spectacular scene. Then don’t wait but save big and travel more with cheap direct flights to Goa from London.

Bom Jesus Basilica-

It is a famous church of Goa, built back in 1605. It contains the mortal remnants of St. Francis Xavier, one of the state’s patron saint. There is a miraculous story linked with the patron’s death, which strengthened the faith in people. The Basilica’s embellished planning that displays architectural pieces in wood, stone and granite.

Se Cathedral-

For your last hour travelling decision making, last minute direct flights to Goa, India from UK are there at your service. Visit one of Asia’s largest churches, Se Cathedral which took a very long time of almost 80 years to get built. It was constructed as a remembrance of the triumph of the Portuguese over the Muslim rulers at that time. The Cathedral has a bell made of gold, the gong of which echoes in whole of Goa. The precisely carved 14 alters inside the building also makes it one of its kind.
Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception-

Around 450 years old, this church is the most ancient church located at Panaji in Goa. There is a statue of Mother Mary on the towers of the church facing the front. This holy place gets large number of visitors and is very well preserved till today. The most interesting fact about this place is that it has the second largest bell in the world. Doesn’t it make an exciting visit?

The smallest state of Incredible India, Goa is one of its prides. Book direct flights to Goa, India without wasting any time and groove in with the dancing seas and the musical air at Goa. The historic flash from the artifacts and architectures are the attractions that keep you hooked to of this place.

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