The essence of modernization wrapped in heritage – Shanghai

If your witty brain cells are on the quest to find solace, in the arms of a holiday package, then this write up will elude a sigh of relief to your hard working cells! How about a holiday filled with joy, ecstasy, entertainment and lots more? Great, isn’t it! A holiday trip to Shanghai, China can satisfy your fun loving soul. Direct flights to Shanghai, China are available from many places.

Sights to be seen:

Shanghai, the premiere city of China is a traveler’s delight. In the past 20 years, the city has seen a huge boom in tourists from all around the world. This is a must see place for someone visiting Asia. Non stop flights to Shanghai from London comforts your journey and is priced at cheap rates too. The places that standout as eye catchers are –

·         Oriental Pearl Tower – it is one of the most majestic and tallest towers (468m) in entire Asia, found along the banks of Huangpu River. It contains a very high observatory deck and provides the entire city view. It also boasts majestic lightshows at night time.

·         The Bund – one of the premiere attractions of the city is The Bund. Located along the banks of Huangpu, it is the center of colonial Shanghai. New and old commercial houses, grand buildings, European architectural art buildings crowd it. It appeals to tourists due to its stellar night light show. The area also encompasses boutique shopping roads and modern pubs, restaurants.

·         Yuyuan Gardens – this is the most ancient city garden crafted with Ming and Qing architectures. If you did book direct flights to Shanghai at last minute, the garden deserves an obvious visit. The Grand Rockery at the center garners the most attention due to its classical Chinese architecture. The City God Temple is located close by.

·         Jade Buddha Temple – one of the oldest Buddhist shrine in Shanghai is the Jade Buddha temple. The Buddha statues were brought in the 19th century from Burma. The temple features many craft work and many people come to offer their prayers.

·          People’s Square Park – to spend some quality time with friends and family, this is the apt place. The racetrack turned park hosts lush greenery along with a rich plethora of bars and cafes nearby.

·         The Shanghai Disney Resort – the mega project is expected to finish by 2016.  The $4.4 billion theme park with resorts in Pu dong will attract many Disney lovers.

Important events:

1.      The charm city hosted the 2010 World Expo, recording a huge number of visitors.

2.      The Shanghai Jazz music festival is held on the 3rd week of Oct. and imbibes many international performers.

3.      The Shanghai F1 circuit hosts the Formula One races every year. 

Stay at Shanghai:

Many direct flights to Shanghai, China make Shanghai’s airports crowded. For the entertainment sector –

·         Your shopaholic soul can meet its need at Quip Lu and Pearl Plaza.

·         You can eat Xiaoping and drink local beers like Karin and Asahi.

·         Hotels are available for affordable price range.

·         You can take a ride of Shanghai Maglev Bullet train.


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