Before you pack your bags and book your air tickets to Japan, make sure that you enlighten yourself on the must visit spots in the country. This technologically advanced country is not only about high tech gadgets, cars and electronics; the nation has a heart that reflects its culture hidden in the region.

Glimpse of traditional Japan with historical values:

Todai ji Hall, Nara

Todaiji is considered as the first city of Japan and first capital too. The famous temple Todaiji is example of finest wooden architecture and is also considered as the world’s largest wooden building. The must see here is the tallest statue of Lord Buddha in bronze metal.

Mount Fuji

Take cheap flights to Japan from London and have a great time exploring Mount Fuji .It does not need any introduction as it is the most popular symbol depicted time and again and it is the highest mountain in Japan. The symmetrical cone mountain has many visitors either as mountaineers or as sight viewers.

Himeji Castle

Standing among the twelve castles this Himeji Castle is the most famous Castle and thankfully is still in its original form even after it has been rebuilt in different eras. This Castle tells about the traditional architecture of the region and the exteriors of the Castle make it appear like a bird taking flight.

Kinkaku ji 

The temple of Golden Pavilion or Kinkaku ji has its own set of story in the background. It was fortified in the end of 14th Century but in 1950 a young monk said to be obsessed by the building burnt it. After five years the same structure of the temple was built again and is the replica of the old one.

Jigo Kudani Monkey Park

The Jigo Kudani (hell valley) monkey park is named because of the hot and steamed boiling water which oozes out of the frozen ground. Strange enough, the place is surrounded by cold forest and is famous for wild snow monkeys which encompasses the big population.

Glimpse of modern Japan, shopping hubs and neon nightlife:

Tokyo Tower

Inspired by the Eiffel Tower this was constructed as a communication and observation tower. Climbing up the same would let you get the view of entire Tokyo and its city life.


Said to be the shopping Mecca of Japan this place is full of life and positive energy. Taste the best cuisines in Armani Restaurant and sip in the best coffee at Gucci Cafe. Shop as much as you want in the high end stores and boutiques.

Tokyo Bay

Take cheap fights to Japan from London and drop in the Tokyo Bay. Shop unlimited in the designer stores or loiter in the grounds exploring the entertainment section or gulp in the yummy delicacies; you have it all.

You can take cheap flights to Japan from London and visit some of the best chosen places to enjoy as well as explore the region. Make this holiday memorable by travelling both the old and new Japan. Be sure to relish this remarkable transition.


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