Welcome to the lush grandeur of the Sunshine City

If travelling is in your gene and exotic locations quench your thirst for an insatiable exploration of the world; Harare (Zimbabwe) is one of the best marvels to be visited. If you have been planning a trip to Africa, Harare is a must see place. Also aiding to your visit will be the cheap flights to Harare, Zimbabwe from London.

Living up to its name:

The capital city of Zimbabwe has lots to render for people of ages 8 – 80. There are plenty of budget flights to Harare from UK. Thus the trip is cost friendly too. An aura of rich social, cultural and historical heritage will appeal you. The government has also taken advanced methods for preserving the old heritage buildings of the city. Favorable sub – tropical climate, scenic beauty, and cheap hotels will make your stay a comfortable one.

Places of interest for travelers:

Harare is a city, trying to recover from an economic downfall by spreading the wings of its tourism department. You can compare and book flights to Harare, Zimbabwe by visiting any authenticated website. Generally, they are cheap.

            The top marvels in the countdown are –

·         The Mining Pension Fund building is an old heritage preserved by the government. It is located at Central Avenue and Second Street. It is worth seeing.

·         For artistic minds, The National Gallery serves as a storehouse of national and international exhibitions. Some exquisite Shona soft – stone carvings are found here.

·         To have a full view of the city, you must turn to The Kopje, a granite hill found in the southwest corner of Harare.

·         If you did take cheap flights to Zimbabwe from London, you should visit The Queen Victoria Museum and Harare Library located at the civic centre point.

·         The National Botanic Gardens houses a wide plethora of biodiversity with 900 species of plants and shrubs.

·         The Mukuvisi Woodland is conserved natural woodland along the banks of Mukuvisi stream. It is spread around 277 hectares and has a rich flora and fauna.

·         The Chapungu Sculpture Park hosts numerous amounts of serpentine stone carvings from talented artists of Harare. The art of sculpting has taken new heights over here.
Specialities of Harare:

You can also book cheap flights to Harare from Manchester to avail good entertainment-

·         The Book Café has a wide live music event specializing in live Afro-jazz.

·         For shopaholics, you can visit the open flea market, Mbare. It has excellent collections of colorful garments, bags, cases etc.

·         You will make a mess of your trip if you don’t taste the delicious Sadza: a thick white porridge made of corn served with vegetables or meats.

·         Popular African drinks to be tasted are Chibuku, Shake-shake, Castle, Lion and Bohlingers.

·         The city has 5, 4, 3 star hotels and also cheap affordable ones like Bowood Lodge, Simba Harare, Palm Villa Lodge, Cresta Oasis etc.

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