Come with your family to enjoy a languorous vacation a midst beaches and parks

Come to Nigeria and experience the true wilderness and hospitality of the natives. Hurry and book flights to Abuja from London to get your much deserved break from the humdrum life to have a languorous holiday. The beautiful natural landscapes and beaches offer the vacationers a panoramic view of the African continent. The panache of Nigeria lies in its raw untapped tourist spots. A private relaxing vacation is best spent in the lap of Nigeria.

The wildlife of the country is unique and attracts several tourists from around the world who have a keen interest in wildlife sanctuaries. Nigeria has the best wildlife reserves with several landmark spots to roam in. You can book cheap flights to Abuja Nigeria from London and enjoy the blistering beauty of the national parks and reserves. Enjoy the breath-taking views of waterfalls and beaches from the balconies of the inexpensive hotels of Nigeria who offer you the best hospitality around the world.

Major Tourist Attractions of Nigeria:

Millennium Park–The majestic beauty of the city of Abuja is attributed to its exciting natural landscapes. The Millennium Park is the most recent addition to its undeniable attractions. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England inaugurated this exciting place. So what are you waiting for? Book flights from London to Abuja to view the architectural genius of this breath-taking city. Bird lovers would find it even more adorable.

Kajuru Castle–A relatively recent landmark attraction, it was built in 1978 following the German style of architecture. The magnificent built of the huge hall furnished with fabulous wall paintings make it a worthwhile visit for all tourists.

Cross River National Park–This wildlife park is the most visited tourist attraction in Nigeria and has several animals and birds. Wildlife lovers will find it heaven and a great place to click family albums. You get to see gorillas and chimpanzees everywhere and elephants inhabiting the forests which make for a dream holiday in the Sahara.

Yankari Game Reserve – It is the most talked about eco-tourist spot in this country with elephants and tigers roaming everywhere with the king of the jungle- The Lion. There are flood-lit springs which make for a gala viewing at nights. Bird lovers also have a nice time here as there are many rare species of birds available here.

Idanre Hills – These hills are the pride of the town of Idanre and have proved to be a unique heaven for holidaymakers who love adventure and mysteries. Cheapest flights to Abuja, Nigeria is in huge demand because of the Idanre Hills.

Awhum Waterfall – Among other tourist attractions such as caves and springs the Awhum waterfall is a matter of huge intrigue for holidaymakers across the world. Monuments and galleries are also talk of the town but you must visit this holy place which is said to eradicate the evils of your life. Interested vacationers, you will find direct flights to Abuja from London at discounted rates if you book early enough.

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