According to travel experts, Dhaka is a well described discreet capital of Asia. Despite being spread over 150 square kilometers, it is the home to an estimated 10 million people. Definitely Dhaka is not on everybody priority destination for travel bugs but what’s so unique about this city?

Crazy for Cricket

Like Indians even Bangladeshis are mad about cricket and Dhaka’s national stadium hosts a number of international cricket matches every season. Cricket is played everywhere starting from alleyways, roads, park and even rooftops. Whenever there is a match the city is filled with green and red flags as you can see kids cheering the national cricket team. You can expect a normally chaotic Dhaka come to stand still whenever there’s a match. Therefore, to enjoy this thrill among the people book cheapest tickets to Dhaka from London.

The Love for Cha

Cha or tea is the fuel of the nation and is sold every few meters from the stall in Dhaka streets.  Bangladeshis love to sip hot, milky and sweet cups of team which is their daily dose of caffeine. The rickshaw drivers claim to drink atleast 20 cups a day which gives them the power to work while ferrying their passengers. It must be having something special in it which urges you to look for book last minute flight deals to Dhaka.

Rickshaw Art as Souvenirs

Rickshaw art is a serious business here because you can see them at the rear flaps of Dhaka’s rickshaws. It is all about Hindi Gods, local film stars, bizarre landscapes and depiction of Mecca. Great pride is taken in newly painted vehicle where the drivers sit on street corners admiring the art. These arts can be picked up as great souvenirs which can be made to order by young boys in the crowded workshops on Bangsal Road in Old Dhaka.
Entertainment Even Amidst World’s Worst Traffic

Bangladesh has the world’s worst traffic but in Dhaka the congestion gets bad to ‘rush hour’, is what they call the least busy times when pushing is almost impossible. According to a government report the traffic stands still for more than seven hours a day. You would be hard pressed to see the point of doing anything but walking in Dhaka. During this time traffic lights function as mere decoration as thousands of rickshaw, buses, cart, bicycles, cars, and motorbikes literally battle for spaces. For some people watching traffic jam can be an entertaining afternoon because you will see rickshaw driver screaming and ring their bells to be heard by the deafening horns of the buses and cars. Therefore the best way to explore Bangladesh is to walk, hop and crawl on foot. 
Visit a 300-Year Old Market

Dhaka’s 300 year old Hindu Street is the hub for Bangladesh’s Hindu community. It is located in a predominantly Muslim Dhaka, Shankaria Bazaar which is colloquially known as Hindu Street. It is a vibrant street with splash of colors, craziness and cacophony. The area was settled some 300 years ago by Hindu artisans and the descendants of the original settlers continue to ply their crafts in tiny workshop which has been tucked away in the narrow lanes so book cheap flights to Dhaka from London.

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