The sweet heart you will fall in love with

Fly down via direct flights to Delhi, India and get to taste the country’s multi flavored city at its heart. It is India’s second most populous city and is given a special status under the Indian Constitution’s 69th amendment act, 1991, as the ‘National Capital Region’. Also named as the ‘National Capital Territory of Delhi’, it includes the capital city of India, New Delhi. Being the cultural capital of the nation, you get a complete holiday feel.

Your ancient beginnings at Delhi-

The Red Fort-
Cheap direct flights to Delhi will save your pocket from burning, yet promise to give you memorable days in India.  Standing by the banks of the holy Yamuna River from the historic 17th century, the Red Fort was constructed by the Mughal emperor Shajahan.  This red monument is more like a mini-city of the old times. Constituting many halls made for the kingly arrangements are simple eye catching. The wonderful light and sound shows in the evenings completes your Red Fort tour.

Purana Quila-
Purana Quila or the Old Fort is Delhi’s another legendary landmark with a scar of the past.  Built by king Humayun of Mughal dynasty, this fort is a masterpiece in its architecture. The fort has three gates namely Humayun Darwaza, Taqi Darwaza and Bara Darwaza. Among which Bara Darwaza is still an impression of strength made of red sandstone.

Bahai Temple-
Don’t worry if your vacation comes late to you. Cheap flights to Delhi from London will give your holidays a perfect tip. What would be your Delhi tour like if you miss the spectacular Lotus temple? An excellence of modern art, the temple looks like a gleaming lotus of marble is situated on Bahapur Hills in South Delhi. It is the seventh Bahai temple in the world and is flooded by more than four million people every year from across the world. It symbolizes purity and universality of the Supreme, and also makes no bar among religions.

Qutub Minar-
With a height of 72.5 meters, the Minar is acclaimed as the highest stone tower in India. Laid by Qutbuddin Aibak, the viceroy of Mohammed Ghori, on the Ghori’s win over the Rajputs, the Minar stores many stories from the past. A perfect historic day is served at the Qutub Minar with architectural delight. 

Iron Pillar-
Non-stop flights to Delhi will reach you to this city of sights in no time. Your walk around the Qutub Minar complex will bring you to this ethnic 7.2 meters tall Iron Pillar depicting India’s age old grip on advanced science of metallurgy. Completely rust free standing with pride since 2000 years is believed to make your wishes come true on hugging.  So why stay away from your genie? 


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