Come to pocket the Pearl of all beaches in the oyster shell of the Planet, Bali

Direct flights to Bali, Indonesia will take you to the best ever journey in life to the A-1 islands in the world. This Indonesian islet shall win over your heart, once you walk on its golden beaches. The province of Bali occupies the westernmost point of the Lesser Sunda Islands and attracts tourists in huge number. So what are you, a poet? Then come to this land of blue horizon with plush green surrounding and let windy thoughts knock your words out. An ideal destination for adventure and sports or relaxing on the sand as the waves kisses you by, or the lovely sites jamming your camera, all make up for the state Bali.

Leave your footprints on your way to:

Gunung Batur-

Direct flights to Bali, Indonesia will take you straight to the haven of dreams. What about some thrill out of the blues? If you are ready for it, then Gunung Batur awaits you at an apex of 1,717 meters. The mountain is still an active volcano. The Balinese worship this alp as the second holiest, after another mountain of Bali, considered as Batur’s male element, Gunung Agung. So go and explore more about this mountain couple.

Pura Kehen-

Book cheap direct flights to Bali from London and save big to spend easily on the run. Come visit Pura Kehen, one of the greatest devotional ancient constructions at this abode of Indonesia. This temple’s birth lingers back to the eleventh century but till the present date, it has kept its glorious reputation.

Pura Besakih-

Book non-stop flights to Bali, Indonesia that saves lot of time for you to enjoy more on your vacation. Your holiday depot is a garden of antiques, strange Balinese beliefs and strong faiths. This is the largest of all temples and is given a title of the “mother Temple of Bali”. The shrine is considered to be the most pious of all the divine pantheons at this area of the world. It stands hand in hand forming trio on the slants of Mt. Agung dedicated to the Trinity that is Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu. To the people of Bali, a sojourn to this temple is a very important and special pilgrimage. During festivals like at its own yearly observance or “Odalan”, the temple sanctuary with the mountainous picturesque backdrop, looks fabulous.

Tanah Lot-

Do not let folds cover your forehead when you run out of time for pre booking air tickets, as last minute direct flights to Bali, Indonesia, are available at your service. Keeping the most unique and splendid work of art on the water. The Ta-nah Lot is a sea temple of greater importance to the island. It stands on top of a massive rock outlined by the sea all around. Its foundation traces its dates in the 16th century and is a great tourist’s hold. 


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