Want a sparkling vacation? Grab your tickets to Abu Dhabi

Direct flights to Abu Dhabi, UAE will directly fly you to the largest member of the seven emirates making up the United Arab Emirates. The capital of the UAE and also number two in population among the country’s states, Abu Dhabi houses the government. This destination is also one of the largest petroleum oil drills supporting in large extent to its economy. It is world’s 67th most expensive city, and even treasures its cultural, political, industrial and commercial fields. A place of captivating art all around, you will feel mesmerized starting from the point you land at the airport of this metropolis. Arabic architecture is simply world class.

Ride on your flying carpets:

Sheikh Zayed Mosque-

Book cheap direct flights to Abu Dhabi and get to experience luxury without burning holes in pockets. Take blessings at the country’s largest mosque built by the United Arab Emirates late President Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. This grand mosque bridges the Arabic architecture and the Islamic faith. The design of the mosque is a fusion of Mughal and Moorish mosque architectonics. A pure and serene atmosphere and the white marble finish will make your stay at this metropolis awesome.

Abu Dhabi Corniche-

Time waits for none, but last minute direct flights to Abu Dhabi waits for your untimely decision on tour. The Corniche Road of the city stretches up to eight kilometers giving place to all activities and for every age. The embankment includes play areas for the children, a common place for strolling or cycling, cafes and restaurants at your service and the shimmering Corniche Beach tops it all.

Khalifa Park-

Situated in the Middle East of the United Arab Emirates, this is acknowledged as the best parkland one has ever seen. The park comes in ‘all in one’ category. Green lushes, dancing fountains, museum, aquarium, play arena, library even they have their own trains. An educational, historical ride called the ‘Time Tunnel’ should not be a miss.

Arabian Wildlife Park-

Non-stop flights to Abu Dhabi from London would save you plenty of time to be with nature and do animal safari. This conurbation is basically an ice-cream in which the ice feeling never dies out till it gets finished. Be at the Arabian Wildlife Park, on Sir Bani Yas Island that shelters above 10,000 open animals providing a nature like habitat. You will find an opportunity to get a close look at the Arabian Oryx, gazelles, giraffes, hyenas, cheetahs along with many other species. So are you ready for the adventure?

Hili Fun City-

What is fun without scream and shout? The Hili Fun City goes perfect with its name and is located in Al Ain. Established since 1985, it is the firth’s very first theme park. A well organized amusement center for all ages shall make an eighty to become eight, literally. So come and live your childhood!!


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