Subtitle: If following the lackluster tradition of roving around places that every vacationer in Orlando heads to is not what you wish for on a much awaited adventure trip, then this is for you.

Having a quest for something truly fascinating make the voyager coming to the fun city find these awfully different wonder spots that stay unexplored by most in Orlando. People Book Direct Flight deals to Orlando, USA to unearth the treasure that the city has to offer.

1.      Holy Land Experience – Don’t get misguided by the name as the place is not just meant for religious people but for everybody who wants to have a live experience of being into a Holy Land. There are realistic performances on the vital events in the bible. The place can help you get a deep insight into the origin and relevance this sacred subject. Cheap Direct Flights to orlando from London, will bring you back to the time when Christians are persecuted and the times when religion does not exist.

2.      Book Tower Gardens - Located near the Lake Wales, Bok Tower houses over thousand species of botanical vegetation and is an ideal place for people looking for tranquillity away from city chaos. On the contrary, the place is also a perfect getaway for family outings and get togethers with plenty of snacking options right at the premise. Also, people keen to recall the legacy of Edward Bok, builder of the tower, spend quality time in the garden.

3.      SAK Comedy LabLast Minute Direct Flights to Orlando come really handy if you wish to kindle your funny bone at SAK Comedy Lab on a short trip to Orlando. The place offers immense scope for exploration and entertainment under one roof. Holding exceptionally brilliant improvisational and comedy shows, this has been one of the most popular comedy bars in central Orlando. Games shows, Broadway comedies, extempore and many more unexpected actions make this spot a must visit if you want to uncover the less explored side of Orlando.                                                                                        

4.      Medieval Times – Another lesser known and visited place that offer tremendous scope for fun and thrill is the Medieval Times. People enthusiastic about living the life of epic heroes dressed in Halloween costume wearing helmets on head and holding swords & shieilds in their hands, get a completely thrilling action here. Visitors can catch non stop flights to Orlando from London to witness the reenactment of medieval times which is one of America's distinctive traditions.  What adds to the whole experience is the lip smacking food served during these breath taking shows cheap flights.                                                                                  
5.      The Gatorland – Located between Orlando and Kissimmee on the South Orange Blossom Trail, Gatorland one of the most fascinating destinations in Central Florida. Gatorland is a theme park and wild life preserve spread across an area of 110 acres. The place offers a unique and unparalleled experience to kids and adults with an extensive range of alligators and crocodiles. There are educational fairs and wrestling shows through out the year to let people see how these species fight.

Give place to these astonishing locations in your travel itinerary next time you plan a vacation in orlando and catch some incredible actions happening live there.


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