According to travel experts, Dhaka is a well described discreet capital of Asia. Despite being spread over 150 square kilometers, it is the home to an estimated 10 million people. Definitely Dhaka is not on everybody priority destination for travel bugs but what’s so unique about this city?

Crazy for Cricket

Like Indians even Bangladeshis are mad about cricket and Dhaka’s national stadium hosts a number of international cricket matches every season. Cricket is played everywhere starting from alleyways, roads, park and even rooftops. Whenever there is a match the city is filled with green and red flags as you can see kids cheering the national cricket team. You can expect a normally chaotic Dhaka come to stand still whenever there’s a match. Therefore, to enjoy this thrill among the people book cheapest tickets to Dhaka from London.

The Love for Cha

Cha or tea is the fuel of the nation and is sold every few meters from the stall in Dhaka streets.  Bangladeshis love to sip hot, milky and sweet cups of team which is their daily dose of caffeine. The rickshaw drivers claim to drink atleast 20 cups a day which gives them the power to work while ferrying their passengers. It must be having something special in it which urges you to look for book last minute flight deals to Dhaka.

Rickshaw Art as Souvenirs

Rickshaw art is a serious business here because you can see them at the rear flaps of Dhaka’s rickshaws. It is all about Hindi Gods, local film stars, bizarre landscapes and depiction of Mecca. Great pride is taken in newly painted vehicle where the drivers sit on street corners admiring the art. These arts can be picked up as great souvenirs which can be made to order by young boys in the crowded workshops on Bangsal Road in Old Dhaka.
Entertainment Even Amidst World’s Worst Traffic

Bangladesh has the world’s worst traffic but in Dhaka the congestion gets bad to ‘rush hour’, is what they call the least busy times when pushing is almost impossible. According to a government report the traffic stands still for more than seven hours a day. You would be hard pressed to see the point of doing anything but walking in Dhaka. During this time traffic lights function as mere decoration as thousands of rickshaw, buses, cart, bicycles, cars, and motorbikes literally battle for spaces. For some people watching traffic jam can be an entertaining afternoon because you will see rickshaw driver screaming and ring their bells to be heard by the deafening horns of the buses and cars. Therefore the best way to explore Bangladesh is to walk, hop and crawl on foot. 
Visit a 300-Year Old Market

Dhaka’s 300 year old Hindu Street is the hub for Bangladesh’s Hindu community. It is located in a predominantly Muslim Dhaka, Shankaria Bazaar which is colloquially known as Hindu Street. It is a vibrant street with splash of colors, craziness and cacophony. The area was settled some 300 years ago by Hindu artisans and the descendants of the original settlers continue to ply their crafts in tiny workshop which has been tucked away in the narrow lanes so book cheap flights to Dhaka from London.
Shopping Nuts and Bolts: India is aggressively becoming the hotspot for shopping worldwide. With a host of large, swanky malls popping up every now and then, the country has become one of the most talked about shopping destination among the travelers’ taking cheap flights to India.

All these chic malls are loaded with ace brands and best of dining & leisure facilities, but what still seem to steal the show are the local markets in the nation that glue every visitor with an unusual hex of its dazzling exhibits and sparkling lanes.

Let’s take a look at what India has in its kitty for the most discerning shopping aficionados and their diverse shopping desires.

Major Shopping Malls in India

1.       Phoenix Market City Mall-Mumbai: With a remarkable built in area of 4,050,000 sq ft, this gigantic mall is the largest shopping archade in India as well as in Asia offering ovr 600 outlets, 14 screen multiplex and more than 20 restaurants. The mall has a superb connectivity with airport and can be reached taking cheap flights to India from London as well.

2.       Lulu Mall-Kochi: Next in the list is the Lulu Mall of Kochi that has a total area of 3,900,000 sq ft which houses over 360 outlets, nine-screen multiplex, ice skating rink and a bowling alley.

3.       Phoenix Market City-Pune: A little smaller that Lulu is this one with a area of 3,400,000 sq t. This mall comprises of large Coutyard, Hyper-Market, public plazas, water bodies, retails and entertainment counters.

4.       Phoenix Market City-Chennai: The mall is built in a considerable space of 2,400,000 sq ft and offers 300-plus stores, a lavish food court, 30-room boutique hotel, an apartment comples, ampitheatre and a club.

5.       Mantri Square Mall-Bangalore: Situated in Malleshwaram Bangalore, this mall was once the biggest mall in South India with 250 retail stores having over 10,000 brands.

6.       Z Square Shopping Mall-Kanpur: This mall is one of the hotspots in Kanpur built in an area of 1,500,000 sg ft having all high-class modern amenities like an upscale entertainment zone, food court, etc.

7.       Great India Place-NoidA: This is one of the largest operational malls in India with a total area of 1,500,000 sq ft and has a 6-scree Big Cinemas apart from a variety of national and international retail outlets.

8.       Select Citywalk-New Delhi: With a 1,300,000 sq ft this mall also houses serviced apartments besides the coomercial and official spaces which are dicided into three zones:Staple Traditional, Celebration and High Voltage.

9.       AlphaOne Mall-Ahmedabad: The mall is built in a 1,200,000 sq ft area and has 210 stores, a large food court and a 6-screen multiplex.

10.   Neptune Megnet Mall-Mumbai: In a 1,056,000 sq ft area, this mall houses a Family Entertainment centre called GLEOTST besides a host of retail stores and popular restaurants.

You may not get your favorite brand here but for that real spirit of Indian shopping culture, these local markets are winners hands down. With cheap tickets to India, one can grab the best of Indian traditional and contemporary ware ranging from the trendiest collection of garments, accessories and gadgets to ethnic jewelry, shoes, home furnishing and other lifestyle stuff.

Shopping from these regional bazaars give you that extra stroke of cultural influence, and a grand scope to bargain uptill your ultimate content.

Best Local Markets in India

1.       Chappan Chowk-Indore

2.       Johari Bazar-Jaipur

3.       Mall Road-Shimla

4.       36 Chowringhee Lane-Kolkatta

5.       Chandni Chowk-New Delhi

6.       Manik Chawk-Aligarh

7.       Colaba Causeway-Mumbai

8.       Chor Bazar-Mumbai

9.       Connaught Place-New Delhi

10.   Chinese Market-New Delhi
The country’s spotted beauty is dotted with multi-colored jewels

Give your vacation a cool breeze this summer.  Book direct flights to Phuket, Thailand and get washed out in its charm. The country’s magnifice0nt island is the biggest of all its isles. This destination is floating aloof on the Andaman Sea, off the western coastline of Thailand and is only linked by two bridges with the mainland. Known as Thalang and Junk Ceylon, in the earlier times, the islet’s majestic manifestation is still a significant attraction among the tourists. The place’s history is as colorful as its sites are, and it had contributed majorly as a trade route between India and China.

Hang out to:

Two Heroines Monument-

You can also book direct flights to Phuket at the last minute, if you come up with very last hour holiday leave. See the memorial built honoring the two legendary heroines who gathered islanders to keep away the Burmese Invaders in the year 1785. The Two Heroines Monument is located in Amphoe Thalang with the statues of Thao Thep Kasattri and Thao Sri Sunthon looking after the island-city. There is an extremely valiant past regarding their fight for Phuket and victory which you should come here and learn more.

Thalang National Museum-

Book cheap direct flights to Phuket, Thailand to spend less of your reserves but enjoy incessantly at this part of the world. After saluting the brave-heart ladies at the Two Heroines Monument, make you way to the atoll’s vast history. Founded on the 200th anniversary celebration of the war of Thalang, this museum in other words is the model of old Phuket. It puts on displays a huge collection of the artifacts; weapons used in the Thalang war with Myanmar (then Burma) and exhibit the islet’s ancient lifestyle.

The Big Buddha of Phuket-

 The 45 meters tall image of Buddha, sheathed in pure Burmese marble, is located on the zenith of a mountain near Muang Phuket, make The Big Buddha of Phuket.

Hat Patong-

Non-stop direct flights to Phuket, Thailand will take you to the land of unstoppable tour. Talking of the largest island of the country how can we pass over the beaches? Come to the most famous beach of Phuket and gather some beautiful memories of fun activities on sand and water and be a part of its exotic nightlife. Your will find numerous hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, etc that will make you want for extras. Create a lovable moment with your loved ones at Kalim, on the north of Patong Bay, watching the magical sundown on the sea’s horizon.

Hat Karon-

Toddle on the second largest beach of Phuket, almost 20 kilometers away from the metropolis, crowded with tourists across the world. At Hat Karon, resorts, restaurants and tourist stores are at your reach, lined by the road. If the sand no longer interests you, then enjoy a coral stroll on the southern segment of the beach towards Kata and Bu Islands.

Shanghai Holiday Packages: A Perfect Blend of Modernity and Antiquity

Take direct flights to Shanghai, China and explore the global city and various tourist spots there. Shanghai is the largest populated city and has influence in fashion, commerce, technology, culture, media, etc. You must experience that charismatic impression by just visiting this populated city. People prefer to take a visit to this part of the world if they come to China. 

Explore the extraordinary divinity of Shanghai

There are loads of tourist places in this city that will definitely captivate your mind and leave you enthralled. The tourist agencies of China are very responsible in nature and stretch a friendly hand to show the specialty of their place. If you plan to come from London, you can also get nonstop flights to Shanghai from London and get to see the top attractions of the city!

·         The Bund and Huangpu River:  The main symbol of attraction of Shanghai cannot be afforded to miss if you visit the city. It acts as the divider of the city into west and east portions.

·         Nanjing road: Want to go for shopping in Shanghai? The best place to go will be the ‘no. 1 commercial street’ that has about six hundred shops lined one after the other.

·         Yuyuan: Get the bling of nature amidst the largest as well as ancient Shanghai Garden. It showcases Ming and Qing architecture in a very subtle way.

·         Jade Buddha temple: Experience the serenity of the jade Buddha temple, famous for Buddha shrines. The monuments were said to be transferred from Burma in the nineteenth century. It has a divine touch and the visitors are always welcome to this active and holy temple where people come to pray every day.

·         XinTian Di: The composition of Shikumen and modern style of architecture commands visitors to have a look around it as it gives a good idea of historical as well as cultural essence of Shanghai. So are you still thinking about visiting this place? Just stop thinking and book direct flights to Shanghai at last minute

Experience all the mesmerizing tourist places in Shanghai for making it a memorable tour. If the flight prices are disturbing you to proceed with your thought of going for a vacation at this place, then simply compare cheap direct flights to Shanghai, China.

Places to relax in Shanghai

Clubbing in this destination is something which every tourist will definitely like to get a taste of. Dining out at restaurants, visiting ancient towns from this place are some of the other attractions.

·         New Drinks: Curdurov - This is a new pub which has hit the right note among everybody because of its classy interiors and excellent food quality.

·         Fengjing- this town is 15,000 years old and is famous for bridges, temples, lanes which will take your breath away.

·         Qibao- another ancient town in Shanghai, this place offers Chinese mouth-watering delicacies, local arts and handicrafts.

·         Habibi Restaurant- this cozy restaurant transports you into a world full of exotic and heavenly palates.

All these places must be included in your list while touring this lovely city. 

Perth: Make sure to taste your wine

If you are looking for a city where you can relax at the beach and also get captivated by its natural bush land, then book direct flights to Perth, Australia now! This picturesque conurbation is located at the banks of the Swan River. With the metropolis’s amazing skyline view at King’s park, or the sounds from the Swan bells, which is the largest musical instrument on Earth, this conurbation is sure to amaze you.

There’s plenty to do in Perth. You can take a bus ride and hop from museums to art galleries to fashion boutiques or you can take a lazy lunch by the beachside, or you can take a boat ride to South Perth and experience the spectacular view of the city, especially at night. Your last minute direct flights to Perth are just a click away.

A city located at the banks of a river is most certain to have beautiful beaches.

·         Cottesloe Beach- This beach is famous for its snorkeling experience. Towards the southern part of the beach, protected coral reefs are there that has a variety of marine life. This place is also a good place for swimming and for taking a good sun bath.

·         Rottnest Island- It’s the home to some beautiful beaches, and exotic wildlife. The rocky covers and the serene bays give the island a unique look. This place boasts of some amazing reefs and some unique marine life, and hence the scuba divers love this place.  The Beaches here are fantastic where you can relax or swim. The best way to explore the island is by hiring a bicycle.

Vintage Perth!

·         Swan Valley- If you have booked nonstop flights to Perth, Australia from London, a visit to this place is a must. It is the oldest wine growing place in the country. This makes this place an ideal one for all wine lovers from all parts of the world.

·         Fremantle- This fishing town is full of history. With friendly people around this place is also good for shopping. It has excellent variety of multi-cuisine restaurants, from Thai and Chinese to Italian and Turkish. In all you can spend a very relaxing day at this place.

Its city life!

·         Kings Park and Botanical Garden- This Park is even larger than New York’s Central Park. Covering an area of around 400 hectares it has beautiful natural bush lands and artificially created gardens. Around six million people visit this place every year making this a must visit place is Western Australia. You can hike from tree top to tree top, have a picnic with your family under the gum trees, see the beautiful flowers in the garden, take a cultural tour, or just wander through the beautiful gardens. So what are you waiting for? Book your direct flights to Perth, Australia now!

·         Perth Bell Tower- At 271 feet high, it houses 18 bells, which are known more popularly as the Swan bells. It’s one of the popular tourist attractions of the metropolis. A climb to the top of the tower will make you experience panoramic views of Perth and the Swan River. The Bell rings everyday at 12 noon.

The essence of modernization wrapped in heritage – Shanghai

If your witty brain cells are on the quest to find solace, in the arms of a holiday package, then this write up will elude a sigh of relief to your hard working cells! How about a holiday filled with joy, ecstasy, entertainment and lots more? Great, isn’t it! A holiday trip to Shanghai, China can satisfy your fun loving soul. Direct flights to Shanghai, China are available from many places.

Sights to be seen:

Shanghai, the premiere city of China is a traveler’s delight. In the past 20 years, the city has seen a huge boom in tourists from all around the world. This is a must see place for someone visiting Asia. Non stop flights to Shanghai from London comforts your journey and is priced at cheap rates too. The places that standout as eye catchers are –

·         Oriental Pearl Tower – it is one of the most majestic and tallest towers (468m) in entire Asia, found along the banks of Huangpu River. It contains a very high observatory deck and provides the entire city view. It also boasts majestic lightshows at night time.

·         The Bund – one of the premiere attractions of the city is The Bund. Located along the banks of Huangpu, it is the center of colonial Shanghai. New and old commercial houses, grand buildings, European architectural art buildings crowd it. It appeals to tourists due to its stellar night light show. The area also encompasses boutique shopping roads and modern pubs, restaurants.

·         Yuyuan Gardens – this is the most ancient city garden crafted with Ming and Qing architectures. If you did book direct flights to Shanghai at last minute, the garden deserves an obvious visit. The Grand Rockery at the center garners the most attention due to its classical Chinese architecture. The City God Temple is located close by.

·         Jade Buddha Temple – one of the oldest Buddhist shrine in Shanghai is the Jade Buddha temple. The Buddha statues were brought in the 19th century from Burma. The temple features many craft work and many people come to offer their prayers.

·          People’s Square Park – to spend some quality time with friends and family, this is the apt place. The racetrack turned park hosts lush greenery along with a rich plethora of bars and cafes nearby.

·         The Shanghai Disney Resort – the mega project is expected to finish by 2016.  The $4.4 billion theme park with resorts in Pu dong will attract many Disney lovers.

Important events:

1.      The charm city hosted the 2010 World Expo, recording a huge number of visitors.

2.      The Shanghai Jazz music festival is held on the 3rd week of Oct. and imbibes many international performers.

3.      The Shanghai F1 circuit hosts the Formula One races every year. 

Stay at Shanghai:

Many direct flights to Shanghai, China make Shanghai’s airports crowded. For the entertainment sector –

·         Your shopaholic soul can meet its need at Quip Lu and Pearl Plaza.

·         You can eat Xiaoping and drink local beers like Karin and Asahi.

·         Hotels are available for affordable price range.

·         You can take a ride of Shanghai Maglev Bullet train.

Learn the art of living in Melbourne

Book direct flights to Melbourne, Australia and find why it is a city worth exploring! The atmosphere in this cosmopolitan place is very vibrant. There’s sophistication about the city and a sense of history that’s yet to be discovered. It is rightly Australia’s event capital for all big sporting events, concerts, and festivals.

The people here have great sense of dressing and follow the latest trends of fashion. This metropolis provides you with great theater experience, fine dining, amazing nightlife and whole loads of activities which makes it Australia’s cultural heartland.

Exploring the city!

·         Find the hidden secrets of this destination by exploring the beautiful locales and arcades on foot and gaze at the marvelous architectures. Treat yourself with some fine dining and do not forget wine tasting.

·         You can also hire a bike to explore this destination’s multicultural neighborhoods, grooviest streets and hidden lane ways.

·         There are also Melbourne’s Harley Davidson tours, where you can see all the happening places in the city, sitting at the back of a bike.

·         Eureka Skydeck- The awe-inspiring view from Australia’s highest platform is sure to blow your mind. The breathtaking view from this place will definitely give you the thrills. So what are you waiting for, book your last minute direct flights to Melbourne now!

Exploring the wildlife!

This city offers the tourists with various wildlife attractions. The city boasts of a number of zoos and aquariums having both local and exotic species.

·         Melbourne Aquarium- Experience the wonderful sea life at this award winning aquarium. From Antarctic penguins to sharks they have it all. And don’t forget the Shark Dive Extreme experience!

·         Melbourne Zoo-From gorillas, to elephants, to lions, this place boasts of 320 varieties of species. If you have booked nonstop flights to Melbourne from London with your wife and kids, your kids are sure to have real fun in this place. And don’t forget to get close with the elephants.

Exploring the neighboring attractions!

·         Dandenong Ranges- These majestic ranges provide you with captivating scenic. Covered by Mountain Ash trees, a lot of small charming villages are located here. You can explore the area by the delightful coach ride, or you can hike with other group of tourists and explore the beauty of this place on your own.

·         The Great Ocean Road- If you have booked direct flights to Melbourne, Australia, your trip is incomplete without a drive in the most stunning drive way in the world. The entire stretch of the road is filled with unforgettable scenic. And don not forget to pose in front of the Twelve Apostles rock formation, which is undoubtedly one of Australia’s most amazing geological highlight!

·         Phillip Island- This Island is famous for its Penguins. The very sight of seeing the penguins’ parade is sure to woo you. You can also visit the Koala Conservation Center and cuddle the cute Koalas or enjoy a quite time gazing at the amazing natural beauty of The Lobbies.

And for all wine lovers, don’t give Yarra Valley Wineries a miss, which is also Australia’s most famous winery. 

Brisbane: Where Adventure Meets the City Life

Book direct flights to Brisbane, Australia and visit its third largest city. This city is the center of Australia’s culture. Queensland’s capital city is very well planned with series of bridges that connect the city from all parts. The weather is usually good throughout the year.

This destination has varied landscape. The eastern part will provide you with natural encounters like the Morton Bay and islands while the western part of this metropolis will get you close to nature with World Heritage national parks and lakes.

The adventure and the amazing wildlife!

·         Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary- If you have booked nonstop flights to Brisbane from London with your wife and kids, a visit to the world’s largest Koala sanctuary is a must. Your wife would love to cuddle a Koala and your kids would love to feed the kangaroos. You can also encounter a variety of Australian wildlife in this place and also the natural beauty of this place will captivate you.

·         The Story Bridge Adventure Climb- The whole experience of this adventure sport is certain to give you an adrenaline rush. This one of a kind bridge climb is challenging but it’s suitable for all fitness levels. It happens four times a day at dawn, day, twilight and night. Once you reach the top, you are rewarded with breathtaking views of the city and its surroundings.

·         Kayaking, Rock Climbing and Abseiling Adventures- This award winning adventure club located at the feet of the Kangaroo Point cliffs, offers everyone to enjoy real adventure without leaving the city! You can hire mountain bikes and roller blades and explore the land by yourself or you can take a guided kayak at night and experience the amazing view of the place.

·         Hot Air Balloon ride-If you have booked direct flights to Brisbane, Australia a visit to this conurbation is never complete without a hot air balloon ride. It provides the ultimate romantic experience with breathtaking view of the destination and the neighboring countryside.

The city attractions!

·         River Cruises- A tour in one of the unique luxury paddle wheel boats of this destination will provide you with an amazing experience. This luxury cruise will take you to the surroundings of the metropolis, so you are sure to see beautiful scenic. The overall experiences of this along with a wonderful champagne dinner will stay in your memories forever.

·         The Wheel- This attraction located at the heart of the city will provide you with awe-inspiring views of the entire conurbation. This Wheel takes you to a height of about sixty meters above ground level and provides 360 degree panoramic views of the metropolis. And it’s completely safe with enclosed air conditioned gondolas. This will take your experience to a whole new level. So what are you waiting for, book your cheap direct flights to Brisbane, Australia now!

Come to pocket the Pearl of all beaches in the oyster shell of the Planet, Bali

Direct flights to Bali, Indonesia will take you to the best ever journey in life to the A-1 islands in the world. This Indonesian islet shall win over your heart, once you walk on its golden beaches. The province of Bali occupies the westernmost point of the Lesser Sunda Islands and attracts tourists in huge number. So what are you, a poet? Then come to this land of blue horizon with plush green surrounding and let windy thoughts knock your words out. An ideal destination for adventure and sports or relaxing on the sand as the waves kisses you by, or the lovely sites jamming your camera, all make up for the state Bali.

Leave your footprints on your way to:

Gunung Batur-

Direct flights to Bali, Indonesia will take you straight to the haven of dreams. What about some thrill out of the blues? If you are ready for it, then Gunung Batur awaits you at an apex of 1,717 meters. The mountain is still an active volcano. The Balinese worship this alp as the second holiest, after another mountain of Bali, considered as Batur’s male element, Gunung Agung. So go and explore more about this mountain couple.

Pura Kehen-

Book cheap direct flights to Bali from London and save big to spend easily on the run. Come visit Pura Kehen, one of the greatest devotional ancient constructions at this abode of Indonesia. This temple’s birth lingers back to the eleventh century but till the present date, it has kept its glorious reputation.

Pura Besakih-

Book non-stop flights to Bali, Indonesia that saves lot of time for you to enjoy more on your vacation. Your holiday depot is a garden of antiques, strange Balinese beliefs and strong faiths. This is the largest of all temples and is given a title of the “mother Temple of Bali”. The shrine is considered to be the most pious of all the divine pantheons at this area of the world. It stands hand in hand forming trio on the slants of Mt. Agung dedicated to the Trinity that is Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu. To the people of Bali, a sojourn to this temple is a very important and special pilgrimage. During festivals like at its own yearly observance or “Odalan”, the temple sanctuary with the mountainous picturesque backdrop, looks fabulous.

Tanah Lot-

Do not let folds cover your forehead when you run out of time for pre booking air tickets, as last minute direct flights to Bali, Indonesia, are available at your service. Keeping the most unique and splendid work of art on the water. The Ta-nah Lot is a sea temple of greater importance to the island. It stands on top of a massive rock outlined by the sea all around. Its foundation traces its dates in the 16th century and is a great tourist’s hold. 

Subtitle: If following the lackluster tradition of roving around places that every vacationer in Orlando heads to is not what you wish for on a much awaited adventure trip, then this is for you.

Having a quest for something truly fascinating make the voyager coming to the fun city find these awfully different wonder spots that stay unexplored by most in Orlando. People Book Direct Flight deals to Orlando, USA to unearth the treasure that the city has to offer.

1.      Holy Land Experience – Don’t get misguided by the name as the place is not just meant for religious people but for everybody who wants to have a live experience of being into a Holy Land. There are realistic performances on the vital events in the bible. The place can help you get a deep insight into the origin and relevance this sacred subject. Cheap Direct Flights to orlando from London, will bring you back to the time when Christians are persecuted and the times when religion does not exist.

2.      Book Tower Gardens - Located near the Lake Wales, Bok Tower houses over thousand species of botanical vegetation and is an ideal place for people looking for tranquillity away from city chaos. On the contrary, the place is also a perfect getaway for family outings and get togethers with plenty of snacking options right at the premise. Also, people keen to recall the legacy of Edward Bok, builder of the tower, spend quality time in the garden.

3.      SAK Comedy LabLast Minute Direct Flights to Orlando come really handy if you wish to kindle your funny bone at SAK Comedy Lab on a short trip to Orlando. The place offers immense scope for exploration and entertainment under one roof. Holding exceptionally brilliant improvisational and comedy shows, this has been one of the most popular comedy bars in central Orlando. Games shows, Broadway comedies, extempore and many more unexpected actions make this spot a must visit if you want to uncover the less explored side of Orlando.                                                                                        

4.      Medieval Times – Another lesser known and visited place that offer tremendous scope for fun and thrill is the Medieval Times. People enthusiastic about living the life of epic heroes dressed in Halloween costume wearing helmets on head and holding swords & shieilds in their hands, get a completely thrilling action here. Visitors can catch non stop flights to Orlando from London to witness the reenactment of medieval times which is one of America's distinctive traditions.  What adds to the whole experience is the lip smacking food served during these breath taking shows cheap flights.                                                                                  
5.      The Gatorland – Located between Orlando and Kissimmee on the South Orange Blossom Trail, Gatorland one of the most fascinating destinations in Central Florida. Gatorland is a theme park and wild life preserve spread across an area of 110 acres. The place offers a unique and unparalleled experience to kids and adults with an extensive range of alligators and crocodiles. There are educational fairs and wrestling shows through out the year to let people see how these species fight.

Give place to these astonishing locations in your travel itinerary next time you plan a vacation in orlando and catch some incredible actions happening live there.